Contrary to what the radical left and the mainstream media would have you to believe, 2020 was not an abject disaster for President Trump. Although he lost in what will go down as one of the most contested and controversial elections, 2020 was not a year of defeat for President Donald J. Trump.

1. The March for Life

President Trump became the first sitting President to attend the March for Life where he gave an impassioned speech on behalf of the unborn. Trump declared that he was the strongest advocate for the unborn to ever serve as President while touting his record on the Mexico City Policy, rules aimed to preserve faith-based adoptions, and his record of confirming judges.

2. Operation Warp Speed

Contrary to what the Biden-led left would have you to believe, it was the Trump Administration that teamed up with Pfizer and Moderna to expedite the creation of a COVID-19 vaccine. Pfizer had initially stated that new vaccinations can take up to 12 years to be developed, but through the Trump Administration’s “Operation Warp Speed,” the vaccine is being released to Americans today.

3. The Speech at Mount Rushmore

The days that followed the death of George Floyd were among the most tumultuous in the history of the United States. While the left classified the rioting, looting and violence that took over the nation as “peaceful protests,” President Trump continued his push for law and order. President Trump bravely held a rally at Mount Rushmore where he sought to push against the violent tendencies of the left and bring a seemingly divided nation back together.

4. Amy Coney Barrett’s Confirmation

When long-time Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away, President Trump quickly sought to name a replacement to her seat. Although the left threw their usual temper tantrums, President Trump managed to get Amy Coney Barrett, a conservative, pro-life judge appointed to the vacated seat.

5. Peace in the Middle East

After Iranian militias led an attack on the US Embassy in Iraq, President Trump struck back. He ordered an airstrike that took down Iranian Quds Force General Qassem Soleimani. This caused Iran’s hold on the Middle East to lessen, meaning Arab states could make peace with Israel.