The mainstream corporate media and the big social media companies have been running an unremitting stream of propaganda, claiming that there is “no evidence” of election fraud in the 2020 presidential election. They want you to think that you’re crazy for believing that there was enough fraud to change the results.

But as the media has done so many times throughout Trump’s presidency on so many different issues, they are simply gaslighting the public on this subject.

There is overwhelming evidence of election fraud, and you’re not crazy for believing that there is.

Here are five reasons why.

1. Enthusiasm

Trump rallies are legendary for their enthusiasm. They feel like parties. Tens of thousands of people regularly show up to them, even on short notice and despite the fear of COVID.

But when Biden ran for president in 2020, maybe the most amazing thing was how few people seemed to care. He held very few events, and when he did, hardly anyone showed up. Biden mostly sat at home and avoided answering tough questions.

Support among ordinary Democrats was, at best, lukewarm, and the far-left was open about how much they despised him.

During a livestream in which Biden delivered a Thanksgiving message, he was barely able to pull in more than 1,000 concurrent viewers. Yet we are all supposed to believe that Biden somehow scored 81 million votes—12 million more than even Obama got in 2008.

Any reasonable person should suspect shenanigans here.

2. Republicans Had Huge Success in the House and Senate—But Lost the Presidency?

Pollsters predicted doom for the Republicans in 2020 all around, but in the House and Senate elections, none of that materialized. Instead, the GOP won 14 House seats and held control of the Senate.

How does a president lose reelection while his party makes massive gains? Besides, only a fool would think that these other Republicans won based on their own charisma alone.

3. Riots and Law and Order

It shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that people don’t like having their communities erupt into orgies of mayhem and violence.

During the summer of 2020, however, that’s precisely what happened in city after city across the United States.

Throughout, Trump had a clear message of law and order, and he called out Black Lives Matter and Antifa for their roles in the violence. He even deputized local police in these cities, and they made many arrests.

Biden did nothing but squirm to avoid questions on the issue. He tacitly supported the violence because he knew that the far-left portion of his base explicitly supported it.

Do you think that on Election Day, ordinary people just forgot about this?

4. Polls

After how spectacularly wrong the polls were in 2016 and 2020, every pollster and political consultant in Washington should be fired.

Nearly every poll insisted that Trump was down by 10 points or more in key swing states in the days before the election, but none of those predictions came true. One major poll, however, told a different story. Gallup held a poll for the country’s most admired person. Trump won it with 18% of the vote, beating out even Obama and leaving Joe Biden in the dust.

Isn’t that strange?

5. COVID-19 Response

Trump’s COVID-19 response far exceeded virtually all expectations. Trump shut down all travel between the U.S. and China as early as January 2020, back when Biden and the other know-nothings around him called the move “xenophobic.”

The president’s quick action likely saved countless lives.

He called for the creation of a vaccine for the China virus, and people are still shocked at how quickly pharmaceutical companies were able to do so.

Through all of this, Biden recommended that we lock things down and institute a mask mandate—precisely the things that millions of people are already sick and tired of.