According to the Epoch Times story, a network of 400 intelligence operatives and investigators from the CIA, NSA, FBI, and other agencies are analyzing the possibility of election fraud in presidential elections 2020.

An ex CIA official reveals that he had been assigned with such investigations since 2014, and a group of investigators was re-engaged to investigate potential scams reported in presidential elections 2020.

Of course, as noted, the legality of elections is almost always monitored, but this time a large group of almost 400 investigators has been engaged, which in itself is indicative enough and casts doubt on the legality of Biden’s victory.

The time is running out

A wide number of U.S. senators are also demanding for the ten-day postponement to the Electoral College count to finish the audit of the election.

The demand was presented during the joint session of Congress during which Republican Senators Bill Hagerty (Tenn.), Tommy Tuberville (Kan.), Cynthia Lummis (Wyo.), Josh Hawley (Mo.), James Lankford (Okla.), Ron Johnson (Wisc.), and Ted Cruz (Texas) asked for the vote certification of the Electoral College.

The group protested through a joint statement for the creation of a commission to investigate the election results.

VP Mike Pence welcomed the efforts of members of the Senate and House to raise objections and bring forth the evidence of electoral fraud before the Americans and Congress by January 6.

But it is difficult to expect Congress to pass a motion to postpone the vote count, although there are clear indications of election irregularities.

Mainstream Media Coverage

However, the mainstream media blatantly refuses the suspicions of electoral fraud.

Almost no popular media outlet even mentioned the story of the investigation, trying to cover up and silence the story, so as not to create public pressure.

This kind of media attitude is not surprising if we take into account both the “The Big Guy” affair with Hunter Biden and the protective behavior of the media who completely ignored the story of Biden’s son’s illegal activities.

It remains unclear to what extent the media will ignore one side of the story, and turn a deaf ear to increasingly loud accusations and criticism from the public.

Time is running out, and if the investigation reveals irregularities, Biden will have a lot of questions to answer regardless of the presidency.

In American history, only one president has been removed from his position, and Biden’s critics hope the new president could be another.