The Parade Must Go On

A large and vocal group of supporters of President Donald Trump gathered on New Year’s Day to hold a MAGA parade in place of the canceled Rose Parade. The classic Rose Parade was canceled due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and numbers that are surging out of control in Southern California. As a result of the traditional parade cancelation, a group of Trump supporters decided to have their own parade to encourage the president to forge ahead.

1,000 Gather to Support Trump

Approximately 1,000 Trump supporters showed up for the parade that started in the empty Rose Bowl parking lot.

The group was all decked out in red, white, and blue with many wearing the iconic Make America Great Again hats. The supporters referred to their event as the Patriots’ Rose Parade.

Setting the Scene

Along the parade route, there were cars, trucks, old-school military vehicles decorated with Trump/Pence campaign signs, American flags, and more. Some people even decorated their vehicles with roses as a nod to the iconic style of the traditional parade. The group varied in age, ranging from young children up to the elderly. The mood was festive, with lots of honking and music, with the playing of songs such as the national anthem.

Police Praise Parade

Officials with the Pasadena Police Department said that there were no issues with the group of Trump supporters other than the traffic that the parade caused in Old Pasadena. The group of revelers stretched for over seven blocks. Participants said that they came out in droves to fight for the integrity of the election and to show their support for the president.