Trump Questions Legitimacy of Georgia Runoffs

President Trump questioned the legitimacy of the Georgia Senate runoffs on Friday. Trump tweeted Friday night that he believed the election in Georgia was conducted illegally. Former Vice President Joe Biden was certified the winner of Georgia. Trump and his allies have filed over 60 lawsuits contesting the election without significant success. Trump vows to continue to fight despite all 50 states certifying their election results.

Last-Minute Voting Practice Changes at Fault

President Trump maintains that due to changes made to voting practices prior to the November election, the vote in Georgia was “illegal and invalid.” Large numbers of mail-in absentee ballots are at the heart of his arguments.

Georgians were encouraged prior to the election to take advantage of absentee voting or to vote early during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hasty changes to voting procedures, Trump believes, make the presidential election and Tuesday’s runoff elections invalid. Governor Brian Kemp and Georgia’s Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, have adamantly stated that there is no evidence of fraud in the November election.

GOP Leaders Concerned Trump’s Claims Will Affect Voter Turnout in Georgia Runoffs

Republican leaders are concerned that Trump’s claims that the upcoming runoff election is corrupt will backfire and affect their ability to maintain control of the Senate. Their concern is that Georgians will believe the elections are corrupt and decide to sit out the election. Voter turnout will be key for both parties in Tuesday’s runoffs.

Despite Claims, Trump Encourages Georgians to Vote

President Trump, despite his tweets about election corruption, encouraged Georgians to get out and vote. His support is necessary to motivate Republican voters. On Monday, Trump plans to attend a “victory rally” in Georgia to rally votes for Senators Perdue and Loeffler ahead of Tuesday’s election.