The October issue of Elle magazine had an interesting (to say the least) story about recently elected Vice President Kamala Harris. The homage to the nation’s first female vice president discussed how Harris* “started her life’s work young”* by demanding civil rights from her stroller. Yes, you read that right: Harris allegedly fought for equality from her stroller.

Harris’ Story

Harris claimed that she was being pushed in a stroller by her parents and uncle during a civil rights march in Oakland, California. Allegedly, Harris fell from the stroller at some point during the march, but no one noticed. Miraculously, the toddler was not harmed (think Moses in a basket floating down the Nile here) in the onslaught of adults but was able to tell her family that she wanted “fweedom” when they finally found her.

Just One Problem

Outside of the fact that Harris’ family apparently didn’t notice the fact that she fell out of a stroller they were pushing, there is another problem with this story: It sounds a lot like a story Martin Luther King Jr. shared with Playboy magazine in 1965. Dr. King shared a story about a march in Birmingham that he attended where he saw a white police officer confront a seven-year-old African American child who informed the officer that she wanted “fee-dom.” King shared how he was moved by the fact that even though she couldn’t pronounce the word, she knew what she was searching for.

Harris has made it no secret that she’s willing to profit from her alleged role in the civil rights movement. At one point, her campaign was selling T-shirts with a picture of Harris when she was 9 on them. Harris is almost as concerned about the civil rights movement as she is about telling the truth.