We all know that Fox News has moved sharply away from reporting the overwhelming evidence of election fraud in 2020—and its ratings have nosedived accordingly—but if Martha MacCallum’s recent interview with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is any indication, there still seem to be some people left at that network who have a little bit of integrity.

Audio of a call between Raffensperger and President Trump was leaked recently, and MacCallum did the obvious thing that any journalist should do. She asked about the source of the leak. The result was extremely revealing.

Raffensperger Stalls and Lies

In the wake of all the blatant fraud and election malfeasance in Georgia, Brad Raffensperger has been, to put it very gently, less than helpful.

Merely getting the man to agree to conduct a signature audit of Georgia ballots—despite mountains of evidence of fraud, documented cases of thousands of illegal votes being cast, and even video showing election workers counting ballots illegally—was like pulling teeth.

And when he finally agreed to conduct a signature audit, observers were not allowed to watch the audit being done, and there has even been video indicating that election workers were instructed to count illegitimate ballots anyway. Raffensperger’s “audit,” therefore, was little more than a bit of face-saving subterfuge.

Now, leaked audio of a call between Raffensperger and Trump has recently emerged. Of course, the media has resorted to its usual tricks and lies, claiming that Trump was “bullying” Raffensperger on the call and instructing him to manufacture more Trump votes.

This is all completely absurd and untrue, though, as an examination of the call transcript shows. The president just used the call to go over some of the evidence of election fraud in Georgia and to tell Raffensperger what he needed to do to settle some litigation against him.

Good on Martha MacCallum for Having a Spine

Given that media response, when Raffensperger appeared on Martha MacCallum’s show to discuss the call, he probably expected her to take a simpering and pliant attitude and to allow him to craft whatever narrative he pleased. Thankfully, Raffensperger was wrong.

Instead, MacCallum asked him an admirably direct question: “Did you OK the release of the phone call? Did you say, ‘OK, let’s release the audio of the phone call’?”

Here was Raffensperger’s risible answer: “The information is out there. It is what it is.”

Then, MacCallum did the right thing and pressed further: “That’s not an answer to my question,” *she said. *“Are you going to answer my question? Were you aware of the decision, and were you in favor of the decision to release the phone call, sir?”

When Raffensperger finally replied, his mask began to slip: “I think that we had to respond to the president’s Twitter, and we responded with the facts in the call. That’s how it got out there. So now the world can make up its own decisions, listen to the whole thing — both sides of the aisle, right down the middle. And they can make their own decisions.”

In plain English, this means that Raffensperger leaked the call to try and make Trump look bad. He knew that the media would be salivating at the chance to take Trump’s remarks out of context and tell lies about the president.

Good for Martha MacCallum for not doing that and for being willing to ask a basic question.

Since anyone can listen to the full audio and not just the manipulated snippets that the media has chosen for the public, people can figure out the truth for themselves.