In a move that should really surprise no one at this point, the media is scrambling to find yet more ways to lie about Donald Trump—this time about his call with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

Blatant Lies and Manipulation of Language

Audio of President Trump’s call with Raffensperger was leaked recently, and corporate news outlets from CNN to the Washington Post have all zeroed in on one phrase uttered by the president. They have virtually all taken to penning hysterical and manipulative headlines claiming that the president urged Raffensperger to “find” more votes for him.

The implication here, of course, is that President Trump was trying to get Raffensperger to manufacture votes for him that didn’t really exist, or something similarly nefarious.

This is utter and complete nonsense. Anyone who either reviews the transcript of the call or listens to the full audio will find no such thing.

What the president really did during the call was lay out some of the evidence of election fraud in Georgia—that 4,502 unregistered people voted, that 18,325 people with no addresses voted, and so on. He mentioned the security camera footage from the State Farm Arena that shows at least 18,000 more ballots being illegally scanned, and much more.

Raffensperger, of course, denied that there was any fraud. Like the media, he wants you not to believe your eyes.

The Media Thinks You’re Stupid

Clearly, what has really happened here is that the media has jumped on President Trump’s sometimes unusual manner of expressing himself. In their hysterical and irrational hatred for the man, “journalists” have made him out to say something that he didn’t really say.

When the president asked Raffensperger to “find” more votes for him, he was not implying that he expected the Georgia secretary of state to manufacture fake Trump votes. Rather, he was saying that there were thousands of Trump votes that were probably counted as Biden votes because election workers fraudulently “cured” Trump ballots, that thousands of people voted unlawfully, and so on.

Again, anyone who reviews the transcript or listens to the audio can directly verify this for themselves.

Given that, why would the media tell such absurd and easily disprovable lies? The only explanation is that the media thinks you’re stupid and wants to control you. They think that you’ll just blindly swallow whatever they tell you. They think you won’t bother to directly verify their claims.

You should, though. Everyone should. No one should give the media the benefit of the doubt. If the last few years have taught anyone anything, it’s that nothing that comes out of the mainstream media—and especially nothing that concerns President Trump—should ever be taken at face value.