Kamala Harris launched herself into prominence by proclaiming she was a modern voice for civil rights. On more than one occasion, she has compared herself to civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. Now, one of Dr. King’s relatives has come out against Harris, declaring that she is the fraud many of us already know her to be.

Kamala’s Claims

Harris recently gave an exclusive interview to Elle magazine where she told a story about how she was a toddler at a civil rights protest in Oakland, California, when she told her mother that she was there to fight for “fweedom.” While many people thought that Harris’ story was cute, others recognized the story from an actual civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The Truth

Dr. King did an interview with Playboy magazine in 1965 when he told the story of a young girl who was accosted by a cop at a civil rights march in Birmingham, Alabama. King told how the young African American child told the cop that she wanted “feedom.” The story was heartwarming, primarily because it was true.

Alveda King

Dr. King’s niece, evangelist Alveda King, has come out against Harris and her attempt to put herself on the same level as Dr. King. Alveda has railed against Harris’ belief that babies can be aborted up to nine months into the pregnancy and the Democratic Party’s hatred of Israel. Alveda explained that her uncle would have never believed such atrocities were true and explained how Harris and her Democratic comrades were nothing like the man who they try to use to further their own twisted agenda.

The Democratic Party lying to serve their own purpose is certainly nothing new. If we’re being honest, we shouldn’t even be surprised that they are willing to smear the legacy of a great American like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to do so. There is no limit to how low the left is willing to go.