New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has done everything possible to shut his state down during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to his economy-killing regulations, Cuomo also discharged a massive number of nursing home residents to die of the virus, touted his own excellence, and insulted buffalo wings. Now, the same man who wants New Yorkers to stay in their homes and wait to die has announced he would like to attend an NFL playoff game.

Buffalo Bills Make the NFL Playoffs

For years, loyal Buffalo Bills fans who refer to themselves as the Bills Mafia have toiled in pain as their team fell short of the NFL playoffs.

However, this year, the Bills put together an impressive season and won their division, earning a spot in the postseason. New Yorkers are ecstatic, including Cuomo, who has decided he would like to attend the game on January 9.

The Petition

While the fan base in Buffalo is celebrating the team’s entry into the playoffs, they are also enraged about the fact that Andrew Cuomo wants to climb out of his ivory tower and attend the game. The same man who has made it clear that he thinks all citizens should hide in their homes now wants to be a part of a huge sporting event. That’s why Bills’ fans have come together to put together a petition that would keep the governor from attending. Cuomo capped the stadium’s capacity at 6,700 fans while the petition already has more than 15,000 signatures. The people have spoken, governor.

It’s no surprise that fans don’t want the bumbling governor in attendance at the game. Cuomo has been taking losses since the pandemic started. Many fans are probably concerned that a politician who has established himself as a complete loser will bring some sort of bad luck to their beloved Bills.