President Trump’s Tweet to Pence

In an early morning tweet directed toward Vice President Mike Pence, President Donald Trump urged the Senate’s presiding leader to defy the counting of the Electoral College votes. Congress is meeting on Capitol Hill in a joint session on Wednesday afternoon to officially certify the 2020 presidential election results. As required by U.S. law, any lawmaker can object to the results and bring the issue to the table for a two-hour discussion.

Trump’s Goal

The president is putting pressure on Pence to do the right thing and delay the certification of the electoral votes. Over 100 state lawmakers hailing from contested states have asked Pence to consider an emergency delay of 10 days in order to properly investigate the results of the election.

Trump believes he will win the presidency if the proper channels are followed.

Pence’s Decision

The vice president has been clear that he supports the goals of the battleground states to take the necessary steps to ensure that the results are legitimate. However, he has not gone so far as to say that he would delay the certification process. The states with questionable results include Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Pence: A Loyal Supporter of the President

Throughout the last four years, Pence has proven himself to be one of the president’s closest allies. However, it is unclear how he will act in this type of situation. The president’s supporters are praying that Pence remains steadfast in his support for Trump and the rule of law by granting the 10-day delay in the vote certification.