The world watched in horror as people stormed into the nation’s capital on January 6, 2021. When the chaos was over, 35-year-old Ashli Babbitt, who served four overseas tours with the Air Force, had been shot and died later that day. Three other individuals passed from unidentified medical conditions during the chaos during Congress’ certification of the electoral ballots.

Did Trump Supporters Cause Chaos?

During his show, Tucker Carlson interviewed investigative reporter Drew Hernandez who claimed that Antifa could have infiltrated the movement. Others had already echoed this sentiment, with many news outlets, including The Washington Post, calling the claim baseless.

Tucker Carlson Warns Rights Will Be Eroded

Tucker Carlson took to the airways to say that the chaos that left Babbitt and others dead was a sign of more to come from those who dared to disagree with Biden, Harris, and others who will be put into office on January 20. He says that Biden’s team will use Wednesday’s chaos to strip you of even more rights that you thankfully received by being born on American soil or coming here legally.

What Rights Might Be in Danger?

Tucker says those rights include the freedom of speech, assembly, not to be spied on, to make a living, and to defend your family.

Facebook Makes Tucker’s Point

Almost to prove Tucker right, Mark Zuckerberg said that the platforms he owns, including Facebook and Instagram, will keep the president’s accounts closed for at least the next two weeks. While Facebook claims that the president’s posts incited people to act, one has to wonder because they did not take any action all summer long against those protesting in cities across the United States. Officials with Facebook have also said that they will act against anyone who posts supporting those who infiltrated Congress. Finally, the company says that they will take down any announcements of protests or statements asking people to bring guns to a particular location.