Vice President Mike Pence was able to remain a source of inspiration and support throughout what will go down as one of the darkest days in recent American history. Wednesday, January 6, was supposed to be a day in which the joint sessions of Congress carried out their constitutional duty by certifying the votes of the Electoral College for the 2020 presidential election. However, the protests on Capitol Hill quickly turned deadly as chaos took over the hallowed halls of Congress.

Pence Delivers Meaningful Speech to Comfort Nation

After the riots were brought under control, Congress was able to adjourn and finish the business of the day. It was no surprise that the nation was looking for comfort in light of the heartbreaking events. It is also no surprise that Pence was the one to deliver this comfort and support.

Always a Statesman

As a consummate statesman and master orator, Pence put together a speech that will go down in history. The vice president used his pulpit as the head of the Senate to bring Congress together and to provide words of wisdom to a nation that was shell-shocked after images of a Capitol under siege flooded television and computer screens.

Pence Condemns Violence

Pence was quick to condemn the violence that happened earlier in the day. He also affirmed that the Capitol is still the people’s house and that freedom will always win. Not surprisingly, Pence received a standing ovation from his colleagues in Congress as he wrapped up his words and encouraged everyone to get back to work.