In an interview on WBEZ, a local Chicago radio station, President of the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police John Catanzara defended the Washington, D.C., protestors of January 6 and pushed back against the relentless media gaslighting over what happened there.

He forthrightly described the protesters as “a bunch of pissed-off people who feel an election was stolen, somehow, some way.”

The Latest in a Long Line of Lies

The media would have you believe that the violence that took place at the Capitol on January 6 was the result of an *“armed standoff” *between police and pro-Trump protestors. But this is pure propaganda on a number of levels.

First, Trump supporters were not armed. Only the Capitol police were.

Second, there were agent provocateurs from Antifa present among the pro-Trump crowd, and it is virtually certain that these elements were the ones responsible for instigating the violence and igniting chaos.

There were many videos taken at the scene of Trump supporters spotting Antifa agitators and doing whatever possible to neutralize them and prevent them from causing mayhem, so it is indisputable that Antifa was present at the protests. Sadly, Trump supporters were not able to prevent all of the violence.

But this rabid campaign of shameless lying by the media came after they had spent several months crafting absurd apologetics for the George Floyd riots that gripped the country last summer. As city after city burned and business after business was looted and destroyed, the paid propagandists of the press cried out over and over that what was going on was “mostly peaceful.”

Things reached the height of absurdity when, in a now-infamous clip, a CNN chyron described riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin, as “fiery, but mostly peaceful protests” while a reporter stood by and buildings burned behind him.

The corporate media, to put it bluntly, is in the business of inverting reality. They have the gall to tell you, without flinching, that your own eyes are lying to you.

Police Union President Pushes Back

Clearly sick of this blatant double standard, Catanzara pushed back, declaring, “There was no arson, there was no burning of anything, there was no looting, there was very little destruction of property.”

He added that “Trump supporters instigated no fights. There’s no obvious violence in this crowd.”

The police union president also pointed out that the protests happened because tens of millions of people who believe that there has been significant election fraud in the 2020 presidential election have had their concerns contemptuously ignored by virtually every powerful institution in the country.

Venal judges have refused to even hear the evidence, cowardly state legislators have refused to do the right thing even after powerful evidence was brought before them, and the Supreme Court simply punted the concerns aside in a move that smacked of political calculation.

Catanzara said, “I don’t have any doubt that something shady happened in this election. You’re not going to convince me that that many people voted for Joe Biden. Never for the rest of my life will you ever convince me of that.”

When concerns foundational to the very existence of America as a democratic country are ignored and when every major media outlet screams at half the country to shut up, no one should be surprised to see drastic reactions.