Missouri Senator Josh Hawley has come under harsh criticism after some people are claiming that it was his vocal opposition to the Electoral College certification that helped instigate the riot at the U.S. Capitol last Wednesday. In the aftermath of the deadly riot, the critics of the senator are asking his former high school to officially condemn Hawley for his involvement in the storming of the Capitol.

Examining Hawley’s Involvement

Hawley had been vocal about his support for President Donald Trump and the efforts to overturn the election results. Critics are accusing Hawley of inciting the violence that resulted in the deaths of at least five people. While Hawley issued a statement condemning the violence and calling on the rioters to be prosecuted under the full scope of the law, many argue that he was partially to blame.

Rockhurst Statement

Rockhurst High School president David J. Laughlin confirmed that the school had received requests to condemn Hawley. Although Laughlin stopped short at calling out Hawley, he did say that the school does not endorse any particular political candidates or parties.

Hawley’s Educational and Professional Background

Hawley graduated from the all-boys Jesuit high school in 1998. During his time at Rockhurst, Hawley was an active member of the debate and forensics team. He also claims the distinction of being a state champion in extemporaneous speaking. After graduating from Rockhurst, Hawley attended Stanford University as an undergraduate before going on to study law at Yale. The 41-year-old was the attorney general of the state of Missouri before being elected to serve the state in the U.S. Senate.