Historically, the left has said that it is proudly opposed to large concentrations of financial power. The reason it has usually given for this view is that the inequality and power imbalances generated when a few people are allowed to become incredibly rich create a situation that is ripe for abuses.

Oh, how times have changed!

The Left Loves Billionaires … If They’re Their Billionaires

Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jeff Bezos are all multibillionaires who wield almost unfathomable amounts of financial power. A decision from them to cut off services to another company can easily spell the end for that company—as witnessed when Amazon threatened to cut off web hosting to Parler and Apple removed the Parler app from its App Store after Parler bravely refused to censor conservative speech.

Since billions of people worldwide use social media companies like Twitter and Facebook, people like Dorsey and Zuckerberg have the power to control what people know and what they talk about. When they decide to censor discussion of one topic and promote discussion of another, they tip the scales of public discourse.

Anyone who has the power to tip the scales of public discourse should be expected to tip it in their own favor. That’s exactly what left-wing activist tech billionaires have been doing.

Yet the left—which for eons has prattled on about its supposed care for the little guy in his struggle against the powerful—does not seem to care about this at all. Instead, the left cheers.

When Twitter and Facebook permanently banned Donald Trump and other high-profile conservative and right-wing dissidents and content creators, the left cheered.

Power Always Corrupts

Clearly, the left is not really opposed to financial power, or even to power more generally. Leftists are only opposed to power when power happens to be used against them. When they are the ones holding the whip hand, all talk of power corrupting magically vanishes.

To be honest, this kind of hypocrisy probably has its roots in human nature. People in power never have much incentive to consider the negative effects of the power they wield. They are too busy enjoying power. It’s much easier and much more fun to rationalize what you do with power by telling yourself that the world can be a better place with you in charge.

What the left’s power-drunk behavior shows us is that power truly does corrupt everyone—even those who once made a show of how wary they were of power.

Conservatives must realize that they need their own platforms and their own spaces to carry out discussions. Otherwise, they will be persecuted and may even be destroyed.

The good news is that even if Parler is ultimately never able to recover from the coordinated attack unleashed upon it by Apple, Amazon, and others, the decentralized nature of the internet virtually guarantees that something will eventually emerge to take its place, provided the demand is there for it. Companies that provide things like web hosting and payment processing for social media that hosts conservative speech will also emerge once conservatives understand that they cannot rely on companies owned and operated by leftists.

Furthermore, new pushes to create a blockchain-based internet, where no one can ever be deplatformed and where everyone controls his own data, will bode very well for the future of free speech.

Just prepare for the attack being mounted by the tech billionaires because things will get worse before they get better.