Historian Victor Davis Hanson spoke wise words during an appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that aired on Fox News. Hanson used his time on air to remind Americans that you cannot expect to enjoy a civilized republic without the rule of law in place. The truthful words of the conservative commentator echoed what many Americans are already feeling. There is no doubt that 2020 was an exhausting year.

Hanson Decries Violence

During the appearance, Hanson made it abundantly clear that the violence that ensued on Wednesday, January 6, at Capitol Hill was not acceptable. He also reminded people that if you condemned the violence over the summer at the hands of the left-wing, you must condemn what happened at Capitol Hill when an angry mob took over the halls of Congress.

Advice for President Trump

During the segment, Hanson also offered sage advice for President Donald Trump. Hanson said that Trump would be wise to signal the end of the presidency to his followers. However, he needs to let his ardent supporters know that the movement toward responsible conservatism is not over. The efforts now need to be focused on the 2022 election to take back the House of Representatives.

Hanson Calls for Unity

The underlying message of Hanson’s appearance is that the nation must come together during this time. The Democrats and their media allies need to step back and not put every Republican into the same box reserved for the rioters at the Capitol. Instead, everyone needs to come together and work toward a peaceful transition.