The stimulus checks for struggling Americans have been a hot topic of debate over the last few weeks.

Sen. Marco Rubio called President-elect Biden to use actions and not words in his first days in office, to truly unite the US and pass stimulus checks worth $2,000:

“It would send a powerful message to the American people if, on the first day of your presidency, you called on the House and Senate to send you legislation to increase the direct economic impact payments to Americans struggling due to the pandemic from $600 to $2,000.”

Before this, Sen. Rubio called for a healing of the divide, as Republicans and Democrats squabble over who was responsible for the Capitol Hill attack:

“Last Wednesday was one of the darkest days in our history. All across our nation, people are looking for answers and demanding accountability, but they are also desperate for hope: Hope that political leaders in Washington can begin taking steps to heal our deeply divided nation.”

Pakistani gender studies more important than Americans

The state of American politics can be shown easily through the failure of the government to pass a simple Covid-19 relief bill for citizens.

The bill, which currently only pays $600 worth of relief to Americans, was due to be increased to $2,000 towards the end of December.

However, numerous complications with the bill left representatives fuming, and the bill was inevitably downvoted.

The $900billion covid-19 relief bill was tied in with a $1.4trillion defense bill, which included millions of dollars being sent to Pakistan instead of the pockets of unemployed Americans who are currently struggling to make ends meet:

“Among them are a pair of assistance programs in Pakistan, whereby $15 million will be put toward “democracy programs” and $10 million will be distributed to ‘gender programs’”.

This sort of reckless spending led to the bill being over 5000 pages in length, which left representatives confused and too busy to read it’s full content.

This attempt by the Democrats to undermine the government’s efforts to help people was a disgrace and perfectly shows the divide between the left and the right in America, despite President-elect Biden’s call for unity.

Why Biden’s unity call is all talk

Joe Biden is due to take office in a matter of days, however, he has already managed to alienate millions of Americans.

The official Twitter account for the Biden-Harris transition shared a video from one of Biden’s recent speeches, where he cites that he will be prioritizing minority businesses in his Covid relief action:

“Our priority will be Black, Latino, Asian, and Native American owned small businesses, women-owned businesses, and finally having equal access to resources needed to reopen and rebuild.”

This type of rhetoric goes completely against Biden’s previous statements, where he claims he wants to unite the country.

If this was the case, Mr. Biden wouldn’t be selecting which businesses that will receive aid the earliest based on the gender or skin color of the people who run them.

This deeply divisive and racist statement goes against all of his calls for unity.

If anything, a statement like this will continue to deepen the divide in America.

Businesses should receive aid based on need, not skin color, Mr. Biden.