The Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, has announced that the city will be terminating all contracts with the Trump organization, with an estimated worth of $17 million being lost for the company.

This move comes before President Trump was impeached by the House on Wednesday, with de Blasio citing that city has every right to terminate the contracts if the organization was involved in criminal activity.

He appeared on ‘Morning Joe’ on Wednesday, where he claimed:

“The contracts make very clear that if the company and the leadership of that company is engaged in illegal activity, we have a right to sever the contract.”

He claimed, before accusing the organization of being involved in criminal misconduct; “Inciting an insurrection against the U.S. government clearly constitutes criminal activity, so the City of New York will no longer have anything to do with the Trump Organization.”

De Blasio’s decision was political

An executive of the Trump Organisation, the President’s son Eric, hit back at the Mayor, citing that he has no legal right to end the contracts:

“Yet another example of Mayor de Blasio’s incompetence and blatant disregard for the facts. The City of New York has no legal right to end our contracts and if they elect to proceed, they will owe The Trump Organization over $30 million dollars. This is nothing more than political discrimination and we plan to fight vigorously.”

Although the organization may hold his name, President Trump handed off his organization to his children, cutting his ties with the company entirely.

Bill de Blasio has taken a hypocritical presumption of guilt against the President since the Senate has to take to trial to decide if the President is guilty of inciting an insurrection.

Why is De Blasio a hypocrite?

De Blasio cites that the city has ended its ties with the Trump Organisation due to criminal activity, a claim that has yet to be proved.

However, what he doesn’t want you to know is that his own daughter has also been involved in criminal activity, after taking part in the BLM protests at the start of June last year.

Chiara de Blasio was arrested by New York police after she and several other protesters blockaded roads and halted traffic.

Shortly before this offense, it is believed that the group of 300 she was involved with went around the city burning police cars and abusing officers.

However, her official charge was - unlawful assembly.

De Blasio’s record on crime is also an indication of his lack of judgment in this area.

In 2020, it is reported that homicides rose by 24% in the city compared to the year before.

Shootings and violent crimes also increased after de Blasio reacted to the BLM by cutting $1billion from the NYPD budget, falling in line with the BLM motto of ‘defund the police’.

When it comes to crime, de Blasio has no right to talk.

His hypocritical standpoints, combined with his daughter’s criminal record and skyrocketing crime rates in his city show that not only is De Blasio an incompetent mayor, but he doesn’t even understand the crimes committed by members of his own family.

Cutting ties with the Trump Organisation is a political move, not a legal one, and de Blasio knows it.