The new issue of Vogue is out, and Kamala Harris’ team is not amused. The choice of photo for the Vogue cover is not what they had agreed on. According to Vogue, they reserve the right of choice over the pictures they choose and have no contractual rights with Harris’ team.

The photo selected by Vogue shows Kamala Harris in a dark jacket, skinny jeans, and her trademark pearls. She is also wearing Converse shoes and seems to be mid-laugh. The picture clearly shows that she was caught off guard when it was being taken.

Vogue’s Quagmire

According to Harris’ team, they had talked with Vogue and had chosen a different picture. The picture was shared online where Harris is in a blue Michael Kors suit and facing forward. The team and Vogue had mutually agreed on using this photo as is standard for such suits. Putting the other picture on the cover was misleading, according to the Harris team.

The cover was set for the February issue and has already gone to print, meaning nothing can be done about it. Due to the outcry, Vogue changed the photo, but only for their digital magazine. The hard copy magazine will stay the same. Social media users believe that the picture chosen by Vogue has portrayed the vice president-elect in an unflattering light, which beats the purpose of the whole shoot.

In an era where people are progressive, Vogue has been painted as being racial. It has come under scrutiny for a long time for underpaying and undermining black talent. The image shared of America’s first woman and black vice president continues to push Vogue’s racism narrative.