Gabbard Opens Up About Power of Big Tech

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard recently opened up about why Congress is so hesitant to call out big technology for the power that they have when swaying the opinions and thoughts of Americans. For years, the conservative movement has been asking for reform in the tech industry and the power that these companies have in controlling the dissemination of information. The most obvious place to start this change is with the reformation of Section 230.

What Gabbard Revealed

The Democrat from Hawaii said that companies such as Google are allowed to choose what search results show up at the top of their pages. She said that she saw this control of information first-hand when she was running for president last year.

Understanding Section 230

Gabbard lamented that Section 230 gives these companies legal immunity because they are able to claim that they are a neutral platform. Unlike a publisher such as the New York Times, a search engine enjoys legal immunity. Gabbard agreed that it was unfair that the online platforms enjoy the ability to make editorial decisions while still being protected under this legal immunity.

Gabbard’s Legislation

Gabbard has launched legislation aimed at reforming Section 230 by taking away the general protections that they have under the current law. The new language would also make it clearer as to what these technologies can and cannot control. Gabbard said that the reason that this legislation is not being challenged all comes down to money. It is no secret that many of these companies contribute vast amounts of money to the campaigns of various political candidates.