Just days after the U.S. House of Representatives, with the help of 10 Republican Representatives, voted for the impeachment of President Donald Trump, announcements about the impeachment of President-elect Joe Biden started to arise.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, a woman who served as a Representative from Georgia for only two weeks, said that she is considering starting the impeachment procedure against Biden.

As a reason for her action, Taylor Greene cited the abuse of power Biden exhibited in favor of foreign governments and energy companies from China and Ukraine.

She added that people are afraid of the Biden presidency to the extent that they may be willing to engage in violent acts similar to the one from Capitol.

Taylor Greene belongs to the group of 197 Republican Congressmen who voted against President Trump’s impeachment on Wednesday.

As such, the congresswoman expressed her commitment to fighting for the American people despite all the obstacles put against her and her Republican colleagues.

During her Congress speech on Wednesday, Taylor Greene defended President Trump by emphasizing that he held more than 600 rallies in which no damage or casualties occurred, as opposed to the Democrat-sponsored Black Lives Matter movement whose activities lead to 47 deaths and billions in material damage.

Supports QAnon theory

Before entering the House, Taylor Greene was known as an avid supporter of QAnon theory.

According to the theory, a group of cannibalistic pedophiles and Satanists form a network engaged in the global sex-trafficking of children.

Many top Democrat politicians and celebrities are identified as members of the cult.

In contrast, President Trump is viewed as the principal enemy of the group who will eventually destroy it and bring its members to justice in an event called ‘The Storm’.

Several years ago, Taylor Greene shared videos in which she expressed support for QAnon, saying that many of the theories surrounding it proved to be accurate.

Earlier this year, she became the first public supporter of QAnon who was elected to the House of Representatives.

Yet, it seems highly unlikely that Taylor Greene’s initiative for Biden’s impeachment will find significant support even among Republican Representatives who voted against President Trump’s impeachment, let alone Democrats and Republicans who voted for the impeachment.

In his opposition to Taylor Greene, Rep. Jason Crow from Colorado went the furthest by placing Taylor Greene in a group of ‘morally bankrupted, depraved and dangerous’ members of the House.