In a leaked video from a Twitter insider obtained by Project Veritas, many now believe that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, alongside other Twitter bosses, is planning to ramp up their efforts of political censorship, a week after the suspension of President Donald Trump.

The video, which has now been marked as ‘sensitive content’ after receiving 2.5million views on the platform, shows CEO Jack Dorsey detailing to staff that the company is “currently focused on one account”, that being the suspension of President Donald Trump’s personal account.

He then goes onto discuss that these actions will continue for much longer, and “that this is much bigger than just one account”.

He then claims that the censorship will go on far beyond the inauguration, stating that he doesn’t know much time this process will take.

This leak comes after Dorsey tweeted a long thread, attempting to justify the actions that were taken against the President, amid stock crashes and users abandoning the site.

Twitter policies are susceptible to political censorship, having been involved in many controversies in the past, with the most recent being the burying of the leaked Hunter Biden story, which Twitter claimed didn’t break their terms of service.

However, they stated that they “did not want to interfere with the election process”.

How has Twitter suffered?

Twitter shares have taken a massive hit since the suspension of the President’s personal account last week.

At the start of the week, the stock price of Twitter fell by 12%, causing the company to suffer losses of an estimated $5 billion.

On the day of the President’s ban from the platform, Twitter closed its share price at around $51 for a single share.

However, when the market reopened again this week, the price for a single Twitter share was estimated at around $47 before falling to $45 later in the day, after markets on the east coast opened up.

The decision to suspend President Donald Trump from their platform has caused Twitter serious financial harm, with many users flocking away from the platform to other social media apps such as Parler and Gab.

Although these apps are now no longer accessible in the Google Play and Apple app stores, the damage to Twitter’s financial position has already been completed.

Can Twitter repair the damage?

Jack Dorsey attempted to explain to users why the decision to ban the President was taken.

He claimed that the goal of this action was to protect people from being harmed by words said online, and that he believed this was the best and the correct course of action to take.

Dorsey then admitted that actions like these “set a dangerous precedent” and that users can always go to another platform if they wanted to, which is what was seen over the last week, as sites like Gab gained 600,000 new users in a single day.

However, with sites like Parler and Gab now taken offline, there are very few well known social media sites to go to if users are unhappy with the way Twitter conducts itself.

Calls for Twitter to consider how it conducts itself with regards to censorship are growing, and the company may need to start listening to ensure that the company doesn’t “bubble under”, after severe financial losses and a massive decline in membership.