A few days ago, at least 6,000 Honduran citizens started walking toward the United States, believing that newly elected President Joe Biden would fulfill the promises he made in his campaign.

A lot of migrants believe that President Joe Biden will ease the U.S. migration policy, even though Washington has already warned them otherwise.

Bad economy, cartels, hurricanes, coronavirus, and Biden’s promises

Honduras is a struggling country devastated by corruption and many economic difficulties.

Hurricanes and a coronavirus pandemic, have only made life more difficult for Hondurans, which are exposed to the problems of drug trafficking and violence on a daily basis.

Following the promise of the newly elected US President who repeatedly stated during the campaign that he will facilitate and modernize migration processes, and welcome immigrants into American society, recent events come as no surprise.

It is realistic to expect that, encouraged by the move of Hondurans, many other people from central and south American countries will also start heading to the US in the following months.

Guatemala’s border control failed, next up - Mexico

Most of the caravan set off at dawn on Friday from San Pedro Sula, 180km north of Tegucigalpa.

To cross the border, Guatemalan authorities asked migrants to present proper travel documents and a PCR-negative coronavirus test.

Although many did not meet these conditions, migrants have managed to cross the border.

The next challenge will be the Mexican border control, to which Mexican authorities have already sent over 500 armed soldiers.

Although the Mexican government has warned migrants that they will not allow illegal entry into Mexican territory, it is difficult to expect that they will be able to protect a poorly controlled border.

As a precaution, President Donald Trump declared a state of emergency on the border with Mexico on Friday, in order to improve the control of expected immigration and the humanitarian situation.

Joe Biden has not yet commented on the situation, but as soon as next week he will have to start dealing with the first consequences of his policy.