Large corporations and the political elite in America march together in just about total lockstep, even if they have to march against the will of the American people.

For any who still doubt this fact, Delta Airlines confirmed the truth of it when it made the decision to put a few people who attended the Stop the Steal protests in Washington on January 6 and who heckled Utah Senator Mitt Romney onto a no-fly list.

The peons must not be allowed to inconvenience their betters, you see.

Banned From Flying for Calling Romney a Traitor

According to a video that has since gone viral, a woman confronted Romney at an airport. She and the failed, one-time presidential candidate were about to board a plane from Utah to Washington, D.C.

Rather than patiently responding to the concerns of one of the people who helped put him into office, this criminal twit could think of nothing better to do than to snap at the woman confronting him for not wearing a mask. He did this before she was even able to say a word to him.

The woman rebuffed Romney’s hectoring and proceeded to ask him why he wasn’t supporting Donald Trump in his credible, sensible, and completely reasonable accusations of election fraud — accusations that are backed up by about 1,000 sworn affidavits, surveillance video from Georgia showing election workers illegally scanning batches of ballots from mysterious suitcases in the middle of the night, forensic audits in Michigan that have shown Dominion’s voting machines to have a 68% error rate and to have the capability to switch votes, and many other things.

Romney stood by his decision to refuse to do what his own constituents demanded of him.

For her trouble, the woman, as well as a number of other Trump supporters who confronted Romney on a plane and chanted “Traitor!” at him, were placed on a no-fly list.

Backstabbing elitist senators like Romney are far more of a danger to America than these people could ever be.

The Truth About the Establishment GOP

People like Mitt Romney care more about continuing to receive invitations to fancy cocktail parties full of Washington and corporate elites than they do about doing the right thing.

Republican voters need to understand that just because a politician is formally a member of the Republican party does not mean that he can be counted on to oppose the left, and it certainly does not mean that he cares a single iota about their interests.

If the anger in the confrontation with Romney is any indicator, however, Republican voters are beginning to wake up to this truth.