Dr. Ben Carson once ran for president against President Trump, but he has been his Secretary of Housing and Urban Development since the president took office. While Carson has been very quiet throughout the four years, he has now spoken out boldly to the Washington Examiner and in his own Twitter feed to support the president.

Carson Says President Not Responsible

Carson, who will leave his office on January 20, says that he believes the president could have toned down his rhetoric a little when speaking to the protestors on January 6. He is quick to point out, however, that the protestors already had come to Washington with a plan. He also points out that they were in the United States Capitol before Trump finished speaking. Trump could not have incited chaos or violence before the crowd had already begun to become unruly.

Carson Fails to Support the 25th Amendment

Carson also says that he has spoken to no one about supporting a move to enact the 25th Amendment. He says that he does not support using it to remove the president from office and says that many who have left office have done so to advance their own political life.

Intends to Continue Fight

Carson says that he intends to finish what he started four years ago, fighting for the little men and women in America. He feels confident that is what the president also wants to keep doing. The secretary says he will start a Washington, D.C. thinktank once he has completed his term, and he has no plans to run for office again.

Ben Carson told the Washington Examiner that he is proud of what he and the president have been able to accomplish while in office.