According to Sean Langille with Fox News, President Trump will present hundreds of pages of evidence to the United States Senate regarding Obamagate. Some heavily redacted documents were already released in September and October, but this batch may contain interview transcripts and even more evidence.

On October 6, President Trump tweeted that he had full authority to release the documents dealing with Obamagate and Clinton’s email scandal. The papers will be released no later than Monday, January 18, 2021, by the Department of Justice and the FBI. Many feel that the documents will contain evidence that the FBI has been trying to hide from the public.

Released Documents Show Flawed FBI Investigation

Just the News blogger John Solomon on Fox News said that the documents would contain proof that the entire Obamagate scandal was a setup to draw the public’s attention away from the Clinton email scandal. The released documents are likely to include interviews with former MI6 agent Christopher Steele and academic Stefan Halper. Solomon suggests that the documents may contain evidence that Steele made up the whole thing in an attempt to help Clinton get into office. The documents are likely to show when the FBI first realized that the investigation was flawed and problematic.

Christopher Steele’s Motivation

Christopher Steele is a British citizen. He may have made up the scandal to protect his homeland from a Trump presidency, which he felt would be very problematic for Great Britain. Steele has admitted that he had two clients at the time of his investigation, the FBI and Clinton, and said that he favored Clinton over his official employer. The FBI fired Steele before the Mueller investigation began.

The newly released documents may show a connection between Trump National Security Council Russia expert Fiona Hill, Steele and his primary source for information that he used during his disinformation campaign.