Morning reporter for KATU television Genevieve Reaume asked Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler some tough questions during a one-on-one interview.

Portland Mayor Snaps During Interview

One of the questions that she asked him was that if some of the blame for the capitol riots on January 6, 2021, was his fault. The reporter asked the mayor if he thought that any part of the capitol insurrection was because of the apparent lack of action against the protestors in his city. The mayor snapped back, asking if she was blaming him for what happened in Washington, D.C.

Mayor Aghast at Suggestion He May Have Caused Capitol Violence

Genevieve retreated that she was simply repeating what she had heard, and the mayor snapped back again that he thought he thought she was blaming him for what happened in Washington, D.C. His facial expression seems to indicate that he thought that was a ridiculous notion.

Mayor Suggests Protestors Meet With Businesspeople

The mayor answered a question about what he thought would end the protest that has rocked his city for more than 220 days. He says he would like to see small groups of protestors sit down with small business owners and their employees to get a first-hand account of how their actions affect families.

Protestors Arrested Three to Seven Times

The mayor points out that authorities have arrested many of the protestors between three and seven times without any seeming effect, so it may be time for different groups to help solve the violence.

After 220 days of violence in Portland, Oregon, the mayor seems in many ways to be clueless about the national impact of what is happening in his city. Many watching the interview also wondered if authorities have arrested the protestors many times why they are not still in jail.