Trump Releases Statement Ahead of Rumors of Violence

President Donald Trump released a statement on Wednesday imploring the nation to be peaceful in the days leading up to the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden. The president urged people not to be violent or break the law. The president’s message comes on the heels of numerous reports of planned demonstrations throughout the country over the coming week. Biden is set to be sworn into office on January 20.

McCarthy Asked Trump to Accept Responsibility

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has asked the president to “accept his share of responsibility.” The Republican from California and longtime ally of the president voted on Wednesday to not impeach Trump. However, McCarthy has not been shy about telling Trump to ask his supporters to stop the violence.

Trump Administration Asking Big Tech to Ensure Orderly Transition

With the inauguration of Biden less than one week away, a senior official in the Trump administration spoke to Fox News, saying that the president is asking the nation’s technology companies to assist in this transition. The official said that big tech needs to cease playing partisan politics.

This response was a result of many of the country’s biggest tech players suspending Trump’s social media accounts over the last week. While visiting the border wall in Texas on Tuesday, the president put the blame on the suspensions, saying that they are only going to exacerbate the division of the country. Trump said that the suspensions have angered his base, leading to more violence in a time when the nation needs to come together.