The Democratic Party has long believed in rewarding failure. In fact, many of the social policies that have thrust previously unknown Democratic politicians into the spotlight revolve around handing rewards to people who have done nothing to earn them. That’s why it’s no surprise that President-elect Joe Biden is already laying the groundwork to reward failure as he prepares to take office and drag America into another four-year cycle of participation trophies and policies aimed at appealing to those who have no interest in bettering themselves.

Who Is Wendy Sherman?

Unless you are a professional political analyst, you have probably never heard of Wendy Sherman. There’s a reason for that: The only thing she’s ever done in Washington that was of any significance was serving as the negotiator on the Iran nuclear deal, which was an epic disaster. However, Biden and Dems who believe that every loser deserves a gold medal have decided to name Sherman as the deputy secretary of state. Once again, failure and total incompetence are rewarded.

The Iran Nuclear Deal

For those of you who aren’t completely aware of the Iran nuclear deal, it basically led to Iran’s corrupt government saying that they didn’t have nuclear weapons while Sherman and her ilk decided that their word was their bond. That would have been acceptable had Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not produced 55,000 pages and 180 CDs that showed that Iran lied about their entire commitment to the program. But when have the Democrats ever let proof get in the way of pushing their own agenda?

No one should be surprised by Biden’s choices. In fact, everyone should probably expect foreign policy to take a nosedive while Biden surrounds himself with proven losers over the course of the next four years. Why would he do that? It’s what his party stands for.