President-elect Joe Biden will take the office today (January 20th), ending four years of President Trump’s rollercoaster term.

So, what can we expect from his first day in the office?

The President-elect’s chief of staff published a memo this week, which displayed what Biden wants to get done on his first day.

What does the memo say?

The Keystone Pipeline

Joe Biden plans to terminate the Keystone Pipeline project on his very first day, an initiative President Trump gave consent to on his third day of office, immediately approving the necessary permits for the project to begin.

The project, which is designed to pump oil all the way from Alberta, Canada, through Nebraska and into the oil refineries in the Gulf of Mexico, was originally signed off by the Obama administration, after passing numerous environmental checks.

However, Obama decided to pause the project, after heavy pressure from environmental activists.

The Pipeline is set to add thousands of jobs to an already wrecked economy and gave the United States a new, cheap option when it comes to purchasing oil.

President-elect Biden wants to dismantle this project on his first day, choosing instead to focus on creating potential green jobs for the economy whilst tackling climate change.

The Paris Climate Agreement

One of President Trump’s early actions was to pull the United States out of the costly Paris Climate Agreement, something which Biden intends to reverse on his first day in office.

The Obama administration signed the agreements which were set, according to the Trump administration, to destroy $2.5 trillion of gross product to the US economy by 2035, and make hundreds upon thousands of Americans unemployed.

The agreement also needed funding for a ‘Green Climate Fund’, which the Obama administration contributed to, sending $1billion worth of taxpayer money without the consent of the government, in the space of just over a year.

Biden wants to return to this agreement, joining nations like China, which has one of the worst records when it comes to climate change policies and results.

What else does Biden plan to enact?

President-elect Biden is also set to sign off on a flurry of executive orders, not only to reverse some of Trump’s previous orders but to push his agenda during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Biden is set to reverse Trump’s controversial travel ban from countries with a large Muslim majority, to where the United States had tracked high amounts of terrorists entering the country.

The list, which includes seven countries, was originally drafted by the Obama administration but was never put into force.

As well as this, Biden is set to enact an executive order that requires mandatory mask-wearing on all government property, including Capitol Hill.

Adding to his Covid response, Biden is expected to sign orders that halt student loan repayments until after the pandemic.

It is also rumored that the newly elected president will increase the funding of the US vaccination response budget by $15 billion.

President-elect Biden has promised a lot for his day in office, only time will tell if he intends to deliver on these promises.