One of the first things that President-elect Joe Biden plans to do when he takes office on Jan. 20 is to revoke the permits for the Keystone XL pipeline. According to Canada’s CBC news organization, the words “Rescind Keystone XL pipeline permit” are listed on a paper detailing the plans for the incoming president’s first day in office. The executive action is a key element of the Biden team’s plan to combat climate change.

What Is the Keystone XL Pipeline Project?

This controversial project has the goal of bringing oil from the oil sands located in the Canadian province of Alberta across the border and into Nebraska. In 2015, former President Barack Obama used his executive power to deny the permit for the pipeline. This was reversed by President Donald Trump, who favored the initiative of the project.

Supporters of the Project

Those who support the pipeline project point to the massive amount of jobs that it would create on both sides of the border. Those in support include the leader of Canada’s Conservative party, Erin O’Toole. O’Toole has asked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to support the project because of the potential of job creation. The Canadian Ambassador to the U.S., Kirsten Hillman, also supports the pipeline. Additionally, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney worries that canceling the project would weaken ties between the U.S. and Canada while also making the U.S. more dependent on OPEC oil imports.

Opponents of the Project

Opponents of the project consist primarily of environmentalists who are concerned about the impact on the land, specifically on Native American lands.