Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is making his views on the censorship of conservatives known. Speaking at a luncheon in Austin, Texas, DeSantis expressed his concern that the nation’s most influential social media companies have censored some of the leading conservative voices in order to promote their own agendas. At the luncheon hosted by the Texas Public Policy Foundation, DeSantis spoke about the blatant censorship, referring to it as “really, really chilling.”

Governor Calls Out Twitter and the Suspension of Parler

At the top of the governor’s list of grievances is that Twitter permanently suspended the account of President Donald Trump. However, what has really got him concerned was the ability of Amazon and Apple to remove the Parler app from their store. Parler has emerged in recent months as a central social media gathering spot for conservatives. DeSantis contends that the big tech oligarchy now has more power than the actual government in some ways.

Encouraging Texas to Follow the Lead of Florida

DeSantis has pledged to use his legislative power to take on this censorship by big tech. In the message to the luncheon attendees, he encouraged Texas to follow his lead and to do the same. He warned the state that things are only going to get worse when it comes to this obvious censorship if nothing is done about it now. His chilling warning detailed how big tech could easily deplatform any conservative candidate that they do not support, making it more challenging for conservatives to win elections because they do not have this necessary exposure.