The sinking ratings of Fox News have become a worry for executives at the cable news network. Ever since the 2020 presidential election on Nov. 3, ratings for the network have been plummeting. Experts believe that the root cause of the significant loss of market share can be pointed back to the network prematurely calling the state of Arizona for President-elect and Democratic candidate Joe Biden. At the same time that Fox put Arizona in Biden’s column, other more left-leaning networks and news outlets were holding off on calling the state for any candidate.

Fox News Shakeup

As a result of the falling ratings, the network is looking at shaking up its entire lineup. Just last week, Fox News announced a series of changes to its anchor team. In addition, it is now being reported that they are considering hiring David Rhodes as the network’s new chief. This hire would be significant because Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, a former trusted adviser to Barack Obama when he was in office. Rhodes is the former head of CBS News and is currently heading up the London branch of Fox News.

Fox News Ratings Issues

Fox News is getting trounced by rivals CNN and MSNBC in nearly every time slot. Last Wednesday during the critical impeachment vote coverage, Rachel Maddow at MSNBC scored 4.7 million viewers while Fox’s Sean Hannity only drew 3.3 million eyeballs. Maddow continues to beat Hannity handily in total viewers. This beatdown spills over into the 10 p.m. time slot when Lawrence O’Donnell continues to beat Laura Ingraham.