You only must go back in history to the last days of Bill Clinton’s presidency to discover that he pardoned criminals who donated large sums of money to him. For example, Marc Rich made about $2 billion off selling oil to South Africa when they were facing a restrictive oil embargo. Rich also did deals with leaders in North Korea, Libya, the Soviet Union and Cuba that raised many eyebrows. When Rich was facing prosecution, he fled to live in Switzerland. At one time, the FBI had him on their 10 Most Wanted list. Yet, Clinton pardoned him after his wife donated over $1 million to Democratic campaigns and almost $500,000 to the Clinton library. Now, compare that case and others to those President Trump is pardoning.

If the deep state would not have done wrong, the chances are substantial that Trump would not have pardoned anyone. Yet, because of their actions, he had to use his presidential pardon authority.

Paul Manafort

One person that Trump pardoned was Paul Manafort. Set up from the beginning, investigators gave the press keys to Manafort’s storage unit so that they could rummage for evidence. They found very little besides what would have resulted in a slap on the wrist for Democrats. Yet, Manafort was sentenced to 7.5 years and had already served two.

Roger Stone

The court system sentenced Roger Stone to three years and four months for crimes he supposedly committed under the botched Mueller Russian hoax investigation.

Others Pardoned by Trump

President Trump has pardoned 94 people since first becoming president. He has until noon on Wednesday to pardon even more. Despite receiving colossal pressure to pardon those who will help him and the Republican party in the future, he has remained steadfast to pardoning only those who deserve it.