Now that Hillary Clinton is more irrelevant than ever before, the former failed presidential candidate is trying to increase her exposure by launching a podcast. It is no surprise to learn that one of her first guests was current Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. While Pelosi was elected in this role once again, after losing a significant amount of seats in the House during the 2020 election.

Pushing Lies

One of the key lies that the two women were pushing in the podcast is that former President Donald Trump is an agent of Vladimir Putin. Despite claiming to be above conspiracy theories, the two continue to push their agenda on the American people by spreading these falsehoods.

Hypocrisy Abounds

Critics of both Clinton and Pelosi point to the fact that the two preach that the country needs to unite yet do nothing to advance that goal. Instead, they continue to drive people apart by advocating for the impeachment of Trump. This is like the Russian collusion argument all over again. And most political experts agree that it will also get nowhere.

Prepare for Next Four Years

This podcast was simply a preview of what is to come for the nation in the next four years. These two Democratic stalwarts will forge ahead in their efforts to spread these lies about collusion while impeding the healing process that Americans desperately need. Between the blatant censorship at the hands of big tech media and the efforts of women like this trying to rile up their base of supporters, it is going to be a long four years.