The challenge of defeating the previous incumbent of the White House, President Trump, was always going to be a tough one for the Democrats.

However, James Clyburn, the House Majority Whip, may have just been their saviour, at least according to former President George W. Bush.

Firstly, who is James Clyburn?

James “Jim” Clyburn is highly regarded in the DNC, becoming the no.3 Democrat in 2019 as the House Majority Whip.

However, he’s been around politics much longer than that.

In 1969, Clyburn first appeared on the pollical scene in the Charleston Hospital strikes, where he assisted in the protests. In the same year, Clyburn campaigned and helped St. Julian Devine win a seat on the Charleston city council, the first African American to do so since Reconstruction.

Clyburn then won election to the House of Representatives for South Carolina’s 6th District in 1993, an office that he has held ever since, holding massive majorities in 2008, 2010 and 2012.

He has also spent spells as the Chair of the House Democratic Conference and as House Assistant Democratic Leader before taking his position as House Majority Whip two years ago.

What did Bush say?

Everyone knows how close the election was, with Joe Biden only narrowly winning a few key swing states, however, President Bush has touted that Clyburn was the reason for Trump’s defeat.

Clyburn, when pressed by reporters, stated that Bush had told him he was the reason why a peaceful transition of power was possible, citing that his endorsement of President Biden in February of 2020 led to him receiving the nomination.

Before the South Carolina primary, Biden had been performing poorly in the Democratic caucuses and primaries, especially on the back of poor displays on Iowa and New Hampshire and underwhelming performances in multiple DNC debates.

The endorsement of Joe Biden by James Clyburn led to him winning the South Carolina primary, which then caused many Democrats to throw their weight behind him in order to prevent Senator Bernie Sanders from winning the nomination.

After South Carolina, it is believed that many Democrats started to view Joe Biden as the more electable candidate.

Clyburn stated that Bush told him at the inauguration that Biden was the only candidate who stood a chance of defeating Trump, a view that was shared by many, and that because of his endorsement, Biden was able to achieve victory.

Clyburn may have been a saviour for the Democrats, but a nightmare for Republicans, who now need to regroup and focus their efforts for a strong campaign in the mid-terms.