Rep. Steve Cohen got himself in a bit of hot water when he suggested that white male National Guard troops may be a threat to the security of President Joe Biden. The Democrat from Tennessee made the comments during a television interview with CNN’s Jim Sciutto. The comments particularly drew the ire of Fox Nation journalist Lara Logan.

Cohen’s Erroneous Comments

During the interview, Cohen pointed out that the National Guard is approximately 90% male while only 20% of white males voted for Biden. Because of these figures, Cohen deduced that the Guard would lean predominantly conservative in political circles. He went on to express his worry that only about 25% of the people charged with protecting the Capitol Building and Congress actually voted for Biden, suggesting that they might turn on this duty.

Pushback by Logan

It did not take long for the award-winning journalist to fight back. Logan recounted how after spending time covering the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, she saw men and women of every color die on the battlefield. Logan shamed Cohen for not realizing that none of these warriors cared about color. The only thing that they cared about was their country and each other.

In a follow-up tweet, Logan cautioned people to not condemn white men as being domestic terrorists, reminding everyone that over 70% of the American population is white.

Greg Abbott in Agreement

In agreement with Logan is Texas Gov. Greg Abbot. The Republican leader said that the country should never question the loyalty of the Texas National Guard using race as a basis.