Every now and then, the political establishment does something which transcends all party lines and shows what its real priorities are.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has long been a thorn in the side of corrupt governments everywhere because of his willingness to publish embarrassing but true information about what sorts of things political and financial elites like to get up to.

Arguably, he was instrumental in helping Donald Trump win the presidency in 2016 because he published John Podesta’s emails. Podesta was Hillary Clinton’s campaign chief at the time, and his emails revealed an extraordinary web of corruption in which the Clintons were heavily implicated.

For this and for other document dumps dating back at least as far as 2010, Assange was essentially kept prisoner at the Ecuadorian embassy, until his asylum was withdrawn when Ecuador cracked under international pressure in 2019. Since then, he has been charged by the U.S. government with violating various espionage laws and has been incarcerated in a prison in London.

Many Trump supporters and other influential personalities have long urged Trump to pardon Assange. But according to reports, when he floated the idea of doing so, Senator Mitch McConnell threatened him with an impeachment trial.

What the State Really Cares About

McConnell has long been regarded by Trump supporters as the prototypical establishment Republican and, therefore, as anything but a reliable Trump ally. Indeed, McConnell has been happy to side with the establishment against the now-former president on many occasions in the past.

According to news reported by Tucker Carlson on Tuesday, January 19, McConnell is said to have approached Trump after he had floated the idea of pardoning Assange and threatened to convict him in a future impeachment trial.

Originally, though the House voted to impeach Trump, McConnell made clear that the Senate would not be meeting until the 19th, and that, therefore, an impeachment trial seemed pointless and unlikely to succeed.

But when McConnell got wind that Assange might be pardoned, he changed his tune. He threatened Trump with perhaps the mother of all vindictive moves: an impeachment trial directed against a man who would already be out of office.

Furthermore, there are reports that McConnell hopes never to speak to Trump again and that he has done nothing to urge senators to support Trump.

The crowning absurdity of all this is that the very idea of impeaching someone who no longer occupies political office is almost certainly illegal. Threatening Trump in the way that McConnell allegedly did probably was as well.

Why do something so monumentally petty? Simple: Assange is a major threat to the interests of the two-party cabal that really runs Washington. By repeatedly exposing these people’s crimes, Assange made himself into their mortal enemy.

They would never sit back and allow him to go free and escape punishment for what he had done to them.

And if the elite is even willing to threaten the president with impeachment over this matter, that tells you everything about where its true interests lie.