Donald Trump did perhaps as much for the Republican Party as any president since Abraham Lincoln. Nonetheless, when push came to shove, the GOP leaders abandoned President Trump in the name of expediency. This is notwithstanding the fact that Trump brought 75 million voters to the polls to pull the lever for the Republican Party.

Republicans Have Failed to Appreciate What Trump Has Done

In light of the ingratitude that leaders such as Mitch McConnell have shown him, Trump has now teased plans to start his own political party. Given the broad grassroots support that he enjoys, it would not be surprising if he drew a large proportion of the Republican Party support as the voters are personally loyal to Trump and his ideals.

Trump’s new political party would be called the Patriot Party. Even if Trump stays in the GOP, he will maintain a large say over what direction the party takes in the future. After all, this is a man who had a successful four years as president with a deep following among the party faithful. It would make sense that Republicans would heed the advice of someone who knows how to win votes. If the Republican Party does not show the proper respect for the man who brought it such success, then they do not deserve the supporters he brought into the party.

Trump Is Just Discussing Things Now

As of now, Trump’s idea is just at the discussion phase. He has talked about it with aides and may explore the idea in the coming months. Regardless, this would serve as a warning shot for those Republicans who may take Trump’s support for granted and fail to appreciate what he has done for the GOP.