Dilbert creator and prominent Trump supporter Scott Adams has decided to jump in on the multifaceted farce that was Joe Biden’s campaign, his alleged election victory, his so-called “Office of the President-Elect” and now his inauguration.

If the whole thing is such a transparent joke, the cartoonist and political commentator seems to have reasoned, then why not participate in the absurdity? In that vein, Adams has decided to fire off a tweet in which he lists some of the “accomplishments” that Beijing Biden has racked up before even being inaugurated.

Biden’s “Accomplishments”

Adams’ tweet from January 18 read as follows, “So far, Biden has refused to halt a divisive impeachment, questioned the loyalty of the troops, sparked an immigration crisis, and surrender [sic] to China via energy policy. He hasn’t even started yet.”

Let’s go through each of these briefly.

The latest impeachment proceedings against Trump have no basis in reality whatsoever. Even the FBI admits now that the attack on the Capitol was pre-planned and that there were infiltrators from BLM and Antifa among the crowds. Trump could not possibly have “incited an insurrection.”

But Biden ignores this and says nothing about how the political establishment’s vindictive desire to impeach Trump only alienates the 75 million people who voted for him. Biden hypocritically prattles on about “unity” and “healing,” but does nothing to actually foster those things.

To understand what’s behind terms like “unity” and “healing,” it’s useful to recall James Burnham’s distinction between formal meanings and real meanings in political rhetoric. The formal meaning behind Biden’s claims to want to “unify the country” and “heal our deep divisions” is just what it sounds like it is. The real meaning basically comes down to this: “If you’re a Trump supporter or associate, it’s time to shut up and obey.”

In the lead-up to the inauguration, Biden asked to have the political affiliations of all of the National Guard troops stationed there revealed to him. Why? What was he afraid of?

Also, now that Biden has announced his plans to stop building Trump’s border wall and to grant amnesty to the 11 million illegals that are already here, migrant caravans have already formed in South America, pressing on to the US.

The system will not be able to handle the onrush of all of these people at once, and there will be a border crisis. But the left doesn’t care, provided that it can import some more voters.

And of course, perhaps most ominously of all, Xi Jinping is loving the fact that ol’ China Joe now occupies the Oval Office. Given his son’s endless corrupt deals with the CCP, who knows what kind of leverage the Chinese hold over Biden and his family? Information recently revealed from Hunter Biden’s laptop shows that he was almost certainly honey potted by a Chinese spy named JiaQi Bao.

Biden has announced plans to reenter the US into the Paris Climate Accords, a global carbon-cutting agreement that explicitly exempts China and allows it to keep polluting. In short, Chinese industrialization will proceed apace, while the US economy will grind to a halt.

So many marvelous “achievements,” and Biden isn’t even president yet. All Americans should shudder to think what may happen once he is.