The state of Texas is getting ready to go head to head with the incoming administration of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. On Jan. 20, the country should be ready for a flurry of new executive orders as Biden takes his seat in the Oval Office, replacing outgoing President Donald Trump.

According to a story published last Friday by the San Antonio Express-News, the state of Texas is getting ready to push back on some of this new legislation as needed.

What to Expect From Biden

The Biden team has not been shy about stating what they plan to accomplish during the first 100 days in office. Biden has said that he plans to reverse some of the Trump administration’s immigration crackdown rules. The new administration also has goals of instituting new climate change protocols while also possibly forgiving student loan debt. Most notably, Biden plans to push for a mask mandate on all federal land.

Tax Implications for Texans

The report also talked about Biden’s tax plan, most likely increasing taxes for the wealthiest Americans. It is probable that the Texas state government, led by Gov. Greg Abbott, will fight Biden’s plans to raise taxes. Once Biden takes office, Texans should expect their state and local leaders to pivot to the mindset during the administration of former President Barack Obama. Over the course of those eight years, Texas was forced to sue the Obama administration numerous times over issues such as the Clean Power Plan and the Affordable Care Act.

Abbott shared the article on his own social media, vowing to fight for Texans and their constitutional and private rights.