If you think that President Trump has not accomplished anything while working for the American people for free, you would be wrong. The White House has released a mile-long list of the president’s accomplishments.

The Economy

At the start of 2020, America had gained 7 million new jobs while President Trump was in office. The average middle-class family had an extra $6,000 to spend annually. By comparison, during Obama’s entire administration, the average middle-class family only gained an additional $1,200. The unemployment rate was the lowest it had been in over 50 years, with nearly 160 million people in the workforce. The federal unemployment insurance program, created in 1932, had the fewest number of people on it ever. Unemployment reached record lows for every ethnic group and those without a high school diploma. Despite the pandemic, a Gallup Poll found that 75% of people said they were better off than they were at the end of the Obama administration.

Record Stock Market Numbers

The stock market reached many new highs during Trump’s administration. Part of the reason was that he created policies that encouraged corporations to bring back supply chains to the United States. Small business optimism broke a 35-year record in 2018.

Taxes Down

On December 22, 2017, President Trump was privileged to sign the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which was the most extensive reform ever in America’s tax system. The typical family of four saw their tax bill cut in half. The standard deduction and the child tax credit were both doubled. The business tax rate fell from 35% to 21%. With very few exceptions, he eliminated estate and death taxes. Those living with means below the average American saw their family’s wealth go up by more than 40%.

The president has done so many important things that history will look back on proudly.