It did not take long after President Joe Biden took the oath of office on Wednesday for Amazon to finally step up to the plate and offer assistance in the COVID-19 vaccination effort. Shortly after the swearing-in ceremony, Amazon rolled out the red carpet for the new administration, offering to use its expertise and bandwidth to help distribute the COVID-19 vaccine. The tech leader had not yet offered its help despite the vaccine being approved for public use for over one month.

Amazon Sends Letter to Biden

In a letter to the Biden team, Dave Clark, Amazon’s senior vice president of worldwide operations, said that Amazon is ready to assist in the administration’s goal of putting 100 million vaccines into the arms of Americans during the first 100 days of office for the new president. Clark said that his company is willing to leverage their wide network of operations, technological innovation, and communications to make an immediate impact in the battle against the deadly virus.

The company is also requesting that their 800,000 essential employees be put at the top of the priority list to receive the coveted vaccination.

Current Vaccination Numbers

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there has been roughly 16 million doses administered so far. This falls well short of the goal of Operation Warp Speed to administer 20 million doses by the end of December. There has been no shortage of blame to go around regarding why the rollout has been so much slower than expected.