Since Election Day, there have been a spate of actions all pointing to an extremely disturbing fact: We actually live in a one-party state. The Republican Party is not a serious political organization but only really exists to consolidate the gains of the left and to channel and dissipate the energies of right-wing dissidents.

Having detected some fierce opposition to it in 2016, the Establishment made absolutely certain to have all of its ducks in a row for the 2020 election. Having removed Trump from office and installed Biden — amid cries of election fraud that were completely ignored — the Establishment proceeded to crack down on Trump and his supporters with extreme vigor.

Trump himself was banned from Twitter, Facebook and a slew of other social media sites. So were many of his most prominent supporters. Big Tech censorship of any opinion that does not conform to the latest left-wing fads has been established policy for a few years now, but since the election, things have escalated significantly.

Veteran journalist Glenn Greenwald, though, has recently come out and said that we ain’t seen nothing yet.

The Information War Could Lead to a Real War

Greenwald has recently penned an article called “The New Domestic War on Terror is Coming.” He points out that as the left’s insistence on strict adherence to ideological orthodoxy has grown more rabid, the police powers of the state have also increased. With more police and spying power at its disposal, the state now has more ability than ever to wage unrestricted war on all dissidents.

Greenwald quotes people like Gen. Stanley McChrystal, who clearly insinuate that Trump supporters are to be treated as terrorists.

The most disturbing part of the crackdown that Greenwald sees coming stems precisely from Big Tech censorship. If Trump supports are de-platformed from everywhere and are not able to counter mainstream narratives about them, it will be easy for the government to convince the public that they are domestic terrorists.

He also made ominous comparisons in his article between how the left-wing media has been reacting to the Capitol Hill riot and how the neocons reacted to 9/11.

Greenwald, a lifelong leftist, knows well of what he speaks. He has written many articles in the past on the FBI’s history of infiltrating organizations and setting up and manipulating unwitting fools into planting bombs. The FBI would then spring its trap, arrest the “terrorists” (whom its own agents persuaded to commit the acts in question) and proclaim itself heroic. The FBI could easily do this to Trump supporters as well.

This is why conservatives’ ability to counter mainstream narratives about themselves and to have a haven away from Big Tech censorship is so important. If we lose the information war, a real war could easily break out—which we would lose as well.