Many conservatives have asserted that the media will now be able to take four years off since they will refuse to cover new President Joe Biden in any type of negative way. However, it is now becoming clear that the opposite may happen. Now that Biden has been put into the Oval Office, the liberal-leaning mainstream media will be forced to work harder to paint the new president in a positive light.

Making Biden Appear Youthful

First up in this task is trying to make Biden appear more youthful. This is clearly no easy feat to achieve. However, the media found a way to do this by running story after story about the chances that Biden will be able to bring his Peloton exercise bike with him to the White House. By spinning it as a possible security risk, they were able to paint the picture that Biden is fit and healthy.

Stutter Stories

Another narrative that the media has worked hard to promote is how Biden has overcome a childhood stutter. The ironic thing is that this was never a story until Biden began his run at the White House. Despite serving in Congress and as a vice president for decades, the narrative of Biden’s stutter was not forced on the American public until very recently. It is clear that the stutter angle was picked up to distract from the fact that Biden is not able to follow a prompter without several missteps. This is yet another example of how the media is able to control the narrative by the stories they pick to run.