Senator and Republican Mitch McConnell, who until recently was the Senate Majority Leader, has proposed to Republican Senators that the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump is postponed until the second week of February.

McConnell has also taken aim at President Trump’s successor, President Joe Biden, criticising the actions taken by the latter in his first day in office.

McConnell wants to delay Senate trial?

As first reported by, Senator Mitch McConnell has proposed the idea of delaying former President Trump’s impeachment trial until the second week in February, in order to give him more time to mount up his defence.

McConnell allegedly told his fellow Republican Senators in a phone call this week that the former President should be given the same amount of time that was afforded to him before his previous impeachment trial, a time period which also matches the preparation time former President Bill Clinton received before his trial in his 1999 impeachment.

The details of Senator McConnell’s intentions were confirmed by Senator Mike Braun, who was present in the call.

He stated that McConnell wanted the trial to be delayed until “the 10th or 11th of February, or somewhere in there.”

However, both Senators McConnell and Braun won their elections after shining endorsements from President Trump in the election campaign, something which many of the former President’s die-hard supporters believe they need to honour.

Many believe McConnell’s attempt to prolong the impeachment process contains a vindictive element after McConnell’s previous comments supporting the impeachment.

Supporters of President Trump were also quick to point out that McConnell, like other Republican Senators, did not back his claims of election fraud.

Instead, McConnell decided to take side with the Democrats and even fail to give the order for a full enquiry into the election process, something which Senator Ted Cruz threw his weight behind.

McConnell hits out at President Biden?

Senator Mitch McConnell has also been busy in the last few days, criticising the opening day actions of the newly sworn-in President Biden.

The President, who on his first day in office signed off on a record 17 executive orders, has come under fire from McConnell, who told the Senate that he believes President Biden is already making serious errors, claiming he’s “heading in the wrong direction”.

Senator McConnell also took a brief moment to remind the President that “he does not owe his election to the far left,” as he signed off on policies such as the cancellation of the Keystone XL Pipeline, the preservation of DACA, rejoining the Paris agreement and forcing all federally funded institutions to allow trans-women the right to take part in women’s sports.

McConnell, who has known the President for over 40 years, magnified in on his immigration policies, as 6 of the 17 executive orders that were given concerned immigration.

One of the President’s new orders resulted in the revocation of one of Trump’s earliest policies, which targeted immigrants who lived in the US illegally as a priority for deportation. This resulted in the Homeland Security Department announcing a new 100-day moratorium for those who were considered by the administration as “non-citizens”.