President Joe Biden’s nominee for Transportation Secretary, former Mayor Pete Buttigieg, looked very uncomfortable after Republican Senator Ted Cruz questioned him on Biden’s executive order to shut down construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline, which in turn eliminates over 1,000 jobs and over 10,000 prospective jobs this year.

What happened at the hearing?

Transport Sec nominee Pete Buttigieg faced numerous questions from Senators regarding his position in the Biden administration.

For the most part, he performed admirably, but when faced against Republican Senator Ted Cruz, his answers left much to be desired, as the former Mayor looked visibly uneasy under the microscope of Senator Cruz.

President Biden signed off on an executive order on his first day in office that canceled the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline, a project that Senator Cruz tells us is worth over $1.6billion in contracts, as well as being due to provide over 11,000 jobs to the American economy, in a time when new jobs are desperately needed.

Senator Cruz asked the former Mayor a simple question, what would he say to the union workers involved in the Keystone project who are about to have their jobs terminated in the time of a global pandemic?

The answer given by “Mayor Pete” left much to be desired, as he parroted the administrations previous talking points, stating that the goal is to create thousands if not millions of new jobs that align with President Biden’s climate strategy, effectively confirming the administration did not care about the workers who are about to lose a steady, well-paying job whilst so many others face financial insecurity.

So just what is the Keystone XL Pipeline?

The Keystone XL Pipeline is a project that was first signed off on by the administration of President Obama, starting construction of a pipeline that pumps oil from Alberta, Canada, to, the oil refineries in New Mexico, creating a new, cheap means of American oil and gas, instead of having to rely on imports from China and Russia.

The project passed the environmental standards set out by President Obama and then-Vice President Biden, allowing the project to start construction.

However, after large amounts of pressure from left-wing groups and environmental Democrats, Obama ordered the project to be terminated.

However, in his third day in office, President Trump ordered the reconstruction of the Keystone XL Pipeline, bringing roughly 1,200 new jobs to the economy whilst simultaneously starting his initiative for new, American energy.

The pipeline was due to add an extra 11,000 jobs to an American economy that is already on its knees this year, before President Biden ordered its termination to appease the left’s climate agenda, putting thousands of Americans out of work in the middle of a global pandemic.