A new legal group is being formed to combat the use of the critical race theory. The formation of the group was announced by Discovery Institute researcher Christopher F. Rufo shortly after President Joe Biden was sworn into office on Wednesday. Rufo is best known for his respected work in proving that this theory, which looks at racism and law and power, is not conducive to a harmonious society.

The group is being formed in response to Biden’s announcement that he would be ending the 1776 Commission, a group created by the administration of Donald Trump to fight against the implementation of this disastrous race theory. Rufo tweeted that his group will be a coalition of private lawyers and legal foundations that will work to fight against critical race theory being implemented in various American institutions.

Kelly Speaks Out

In response to Rufo’s announcement, popular media host Megyn Kelly immediately praised the move, citing the fact that critical race theory actually creates more racism rather than reducing it. Kelly also criticized the indoctrination sessions purported by the theory as being unlawful.

What Was the 1776 Commission?

Trump established the 1776 Commission through the use of an executive order during his last days in office. He said that the commission had the goal of promoting patriotic education while refuting the belief that the country is systemically racist. As part of the executive order, critical race theory training was banned from use in the federal government.