Canada and the United States are now much more aligned when it comes to policy, according to officials close to both world leaders, who partook in a phone call this week for the first time since President Joe Biden took office.

These sources alleged that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made the remark to President Biden in their call this week, as they agreed on cooperation on multiple key issues such as a shared Covid-19 response and issues regarding the climate.

What did the phone call involve?

Sources close to both the US President and the Canadian Prime Minister said that a call between the two took place this week, their first discussion since President Biden took office and his first discussion with another foreign leader.

Canada and the US are regarded as being great allies to one another, with Trudeau and Biden agreeing on many issues, whilst continuing the tradition of Canada being the first point of call for a newly elected US President.

The pair spoke and agreed on many issues, with the Covid-19 response being heavily discussed.

Both leaders agreed that cooperation between both nations is key in order to continue with a successful vaccination program, as they agreed that their “efforts are strengthened by existing exchanges of medical personnel and the flow of critical medical supplies”.

Trudeau wasn’t too happy with Biden

However, earlier in the week, Prime Minister Trudeau expressed his disappointment regarding one of President Biden’s earliest executive orders; the cancellation of the Keystone XL Pipeline and underlined his intention to discuss the matter in their first dialogue.

Keystone XL, which pumps oil from Alberta in Canada down to the oil refineries in the Gulf of Mexico, was scrapped by President Biden on his first day in office, an action which he told the Prime Minister was done to fulfill one of his key campaign promises.

During the call, Prime Minister Trudeau informed President Biden about the effect this decision would have on Canadian jobs, with thousands due to losing their positions with the construction of the pipeline being terminated.

A statement from the White House confirmed that President Biden understood Trudeau’s disappointment, whilst “reaffirming his commitment to maintain an active bilateral dialogue and to further deepen cooperation with Canada”.

Next steps?

Sources close to both Prime Minister Trudeau and President Biden have confirmed that the pair plan to speak again on more issues next month, yet it is still to be determined whether that will be a virtual or in-person meeting.

It is believed the pair are eager to maintain a positive US-Canada relationship after Prime Minister Trudeau suffered many disagreements with Biden’s predecessor.

The White House also confirmed that it “will be a bit of time” before President Biden sets off on his travels to meet with other key allies such as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, and leaders of the EU nation-states.

It also remains to be seen if President Biden plans on meeting with more hostile leaders, such as Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un.